YES. Growing Circle is a business you build for future enjoyment and can be passed on through the generations. In your will, make sure to have everything laid out.

Immediately. You can begin to tell your friends, or promote the business by sendingpeople to your replicated website.

We currently accept payment through Bank wire and our e-wallet. Other payment methods will be added soon.

Our one time out of pocket membership fee is $50

No. All members only pay the one time membership fee which allows them to enjoy all the services that the company offers, as well earn on their down.

No, our compensation plan pays you on each person that flows into any of the stages you are in.

We have adopted an instant payment system into your e-wallet. This means you get paid immediately when people come into any of the stages you are in. You can withdraw the funds into your bank account anytime. You will get an alert from your bank within 24 to 48hrs after you have withdrawn the funds from your e-wallet.

No. Our income plan (Forced Matrix) pays you as people flow into your network within the stipulated levels according to stage you are in.

Awards are given once members qualify.

To qualify for both compensation payments and an Award, you need to sponsor at least 2 people who will replicate your action. However, this should not stop you from sponsoring more than 2 as it will help you grow fast and earn more.

Yes, but you are advised to open an account that you know you can put effort into because if you have dormant positions,your potential for earning goes down.

A surplus member is created when a member sponsors more than two people. The surplus member (spillover) is allocated to your downline automatically.

No. Your downline remains your downline all through your life time with this business.

Doing this will make your organization grow faster and earn more in your Growing Circle business.

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Growing Circle

Growing Circle International stands out among other Multilevel Marketing companies. We take pride in the fact that we’re not like other network marketing companies.

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